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Welcome to Tri-Cities Casket Store

Established in 2007 as a family owned and operated business with the largest available showroom inventory of independent premium quality caskets in wood, steel, copper and bronze as well as economical cremation caskets. Tri-Cities Casket Store is the first casket retailer in the area. We offer to you enormous savings on caskets, flowers, urns, monuments, granite and bronze markers.

Tri-Cities Casket Store sells caskets directly to consumers and your casket selection may be up to 70% less in cost than from your local funeral home. Our profit margin is very low and savings are passed along to families in time of need like yours.

All caskets sold by Tri-Cites Casket Store surpass industry standards. Also, the quality in many cases exceeds that offered by your funeral director for comparative price. Many of our casket selections are not even available at your local funeral home. This provides you with choices and caskets, which will dignify your loved one's final resting place with the class and distinction they deserve.

We buy direct from the manufacturer, maintaining low overhead and placing a conservative mark-up on all products, allowing us to pass along substantial savings to our customers on: caskets, urns, monuments, bronze and granite markers, floral arrangements and memorial stationery.

Free!! Delivery of caskets to your local funeral home, church or other location of choice
Free!! Lowest price guarantee (Ours is 30% to 70% lower than T.F.H. prices.)
Your casket is insured against damage and guaranteed to arrive on time directly to the door of your funeral home.
We also sell vaults which includes installation and set-up of the tent, chairs, lowering of the casket and sealing of vault for one set price.