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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ
What is Tri-Cities Casket Store™?
We are a leading provider of markers, monuments and headstones sold direct to the public—saving families 30-70% off of funeral home and cemetery pricing. Tri-Cities Casket Store’s™ memorials offer a lifetime guarantee against natural defects.

Where are you located?
Our corporate offices are located in Kingsport, Tennessee, but we provide products and services anywhere in the continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska and Canada.

What do I do if the deceased passes away in a different state than the funeral will be in?
If your loved one has prior arrangements with an out-of-state funeral home, you should first contact that funeral home and allow them to coordinate with a local funeral home for the transportation of the remains. If the deceased does not have prior arrangements, it would be best to contact a funeral home in the state of burial to help you make the arrangements for transportation.

I’ve never done this before, where do I start?
Purchasing funeral products from Tri-Cities Casket Store™ is very simple, reliable, and affordable.
For imminent need (e.g., a terminally ill patient nearing death), contact Tri-Cities Casket Store™to discuss shipping options to one of our storage facilities until the casket is needed for the funeral.
For at-need, you can contact Tri-Cities Casket Store™ to purchase your casket before making funeral arrangements. Once the funeral and/or burial has been scheduled, contact us immediately so that we can have the product shipped at the standard rate, which is included in the casket price. (Note: a separate quote is required for overnight, weekend, or holiday shipping and delivery and additional charges may apply.)

What are the online specials?
Tri-Cities Casket Store™ has certain caskets discounted from the advertised retail price. Please contact Tri-Cities Casket Store™ to learn which caskets are currently discounted from the online price.

What is the 70% discount on?
Based on analysis of the average retail pricing of caskets purchased at the local funeral home, Tri-Cities Casket Store™ pricing can save consumers 30-70% off of funeral home and cemetery pricing.

What is your relationship to hospice?
First, Tri-Cities Casket Store™ is an associate member of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and a member of the Texas and New Mexico Hospice Organization. Tri-Cities Casket Store™ partners with hospices to complement their work in supporting families facing the imminent death of a loved one. Our position is to help families plan funerals that are tasteful, consistent with their beliefs and values, and make sense to them financially.

What kind of funeral expertise does Tri-Cities Casket Store™ have?
The senior management of the company has a combined experience of over 100 years in the funeral business. Prior to launching the company, the company founders spent a year researching the history and emerging trends in funerals in North America. We held focus groups to ascertain what the average person wanted when it comes to funeral planning and services.

How will Tri-Cities Casket Store™ help my family, scattered all across the U.S., plan a funeral when my father dies? He lives in Denver, but the funeral will be in Chicago.
With Tri-Cities Casket Store™ to help you, planning a funeral and selecting and purchasing products is not only very affordable, but it’s also very convenient. Tri-Cities Casket Store™ can conduct conference calls between family members, each family member can view our products in the comfort of their own home using a personal computer, and Tri-Cities Casket Store™ can assist with all aspects of the funeral.

Why do funeral homes charge so much?
Each funeral home has its own pricing rationale. But some generalizations can be made. Funeral homes generally have large overhead costs to cover. Until recently with the advent of the Internet and more choices for consumers, funeral homes have not had much competition beyond their local area.

My neighbor had a “home funeral.” Is that legal?
Yes, it is legal in all 50 states to conduct a funeral in a private residence. In five states, however, law dictates a funeral director must be on hand to “supervise” preparation of the body. Your Tri-Cities Casket Store™ counselor can guide you in planning a home funeral. There are a lot of resources available for those who choose this option.

Are there any fees which are negotiable in the funeral home?
Yes. In fact, there is only one fee which you must accept if you are going to use a traditional funeral home: the non-refundable “Basic Fee” which covers the services of the funeral director and the staff of the funeral home. You are allowed, by law, to accept or decline any of the services or products on the General Price List, which the funeral home is required to show you. The funeral home is not allowed to adjust any of the prices on the General Price List to compensate for the sales of any products or services you choose not to purchase, or choose to purchase from Tri-Cities Casket Store™.

How do you keep your prices so low, compared to funeral homes?
Tri-Cities Casket Store™ is a direct marketer of funerals products. We do not have “middle men.” We are not a funeral home or cemetery and so we do not have real estate, grounds maintenance, and personnel to pay for and then pass on those costs to our clients. We get our products directly from the manufacturers and sell them directly to the buyer. We pass the savings on to you, the customer.

Marker and Monument FAQs
Will a cemetery accept a marker purchased from Tribute?
Yes, cemeteries accept markers and monuments from 3rd party memorial companies. Tri-Cities Casket Store™ works with you and the cemetery to ensure the marker or monument you purchase meets all the cemetery requirements.

Can the cemetery charge me more for setting fees if I do not purchase from them?
Unfortunately, some cemeteries practice this. However, in most cases, even with a higher installation fee, Tri-Cities Casket Store™ delivers significantly lower pricing on its memorials.

Can I install the headstone myself?
Most often, this occurs in private, family cemeteries. Check with your cemetery to be certain.

Do you have a guarantee on your memorials?
Yes, we offer a guarantee on all of our markers and monuments against natural defects and/or damage occurring during shipping. Contact Tri-Cities Casket Store™ for additional requirements and limitations concerning our one-year and perpetual guarantees.

If I buy a pre-need headstone from Tri-Cities Casket Store™ who takes care of adding the dates of death to it?
Either we can arrange to have the dates of death engraved when the time comes or the family can.

Do you have a return or refund policy on memorials?
Because we have already obtained extensive approvals on design, type of stone and shipping fees (if applicable), and because the finished memorial is personalized and cannot be resold, we do not offer a return or refund on non-damaged memorials. We do offer guarantees and refunds on damaged memorials either caused during shipping or by natural defects such as chipping. Contact Tri-Cities Casket Store™ for additional requirements and limitations concerning our one-year and perpetual guarantees.

Does Tri-Cities Casket Store™ offer pet markers?
Yes, we help pet owners with this very special tribute by offering a selection of smaller markers.

How can I see what the stone will look like before its cut?
After we have confirmed how you would like the memorial designed, we sketch a scale drawing of the design and e-mail it to you for final approval. Any changes that you request are completed and then a revised drawing is sent to you for approval.

How can I find out the status of my order?
Please feel free to contact Tri-Cities Casket Store™ anytime to check the status of your order.
How do I know that you meet the cemetery requirements and specifications for the headstone?
Tri-Cities Casket Store™ collects all cemetery requirements and specifications directly from the cemetery before beginning the initial design of the memorial to ensure the completed memorial is accepted by the cemetery.

How long will it take for the delivery of a customized headstone?
General, a memorial takes 8-12 weeks to complete. It varies due to whether we have the stone in inventory, how large the memorial is, scheduling at the quarries we utilize, if custom design work is desired (e.g., Ceramic photos) and other factors beyond Tri-Cities Casket Store’s™ control. If you have a specific date you would like to have the memorial installed (i.e., a birth date or anniversary), please convey that information to the Tri-Cities Casket Store™ representative and we will make every attempt to meet that date.

Do you need an approval from the cemetery before you deliver?
Not typically. By the time the memorial is ready for delivery, Tri-Cities Casket Store™ has already fulfilled any requirements from the cemetery.